Frequently Asked Questions

What differentiates ALL’s WELL from your competition?
ALL’s WELL's commitment is to provide solutions for today's health care companies facing the challenges of cost-effectively managing a workforce while maintaining a high level of productivity. We conduct business with the highest standards of integrity--resulting in "clients for life," the paramount philosophy of our founder, Bernard Howroyd. By tailoring out programs to meet the individual staffing needs of each client company, and by helping our valued associates achieve their career objectives, we nurture long-term partnerships built upon decades of human resource experience and quality service.
What value-added services does ALL’s WELL offer to their Health Care Clients?
ALL’s WELL is committed to become an extension of your company's Human Resource department. Our Account Executives familiarize themselves with your company's staffing needs, and work with you to plan a cost-effective and efficient strategy to implement our services.
How much does your service cost?
ALL’s WELL's services are priced very competitively in relation to the market. In fact, most employers find that it is less expensive to work with ALL’s WELL than to seek to hire a quality individual by more traditional means. Due to the high degree of customization inherent in the services ALL’s WELL provides for you, it is impossible to know in advance what costs will apply specifically to your situation.
What is ALL’s WELL's new hire procedure and how do you screen candidates?
ALL’s WELL has an intensive screening and evaluation procedure that all candidates must undergo before they are considered associates. All candidates are interviewed, screened and tested, and we require at least two positive work-related references. To further ensure a candidate's viability, there are optional background and drug screening procedures available for our clients.
What benefits are available for your temporary employees?
Associates have access to a host of benefits to cover medical, dental and vision care. In addition, a 401(k) investment option grants our associates a practical solution to retirement planning. By offering a variety of employee benefits, we develop and maintain a stronger relationship with our associates. In this manner, we keep our associates protected and contented--reducing turnover and increasing quality.
What is ALL’s WELL's procedure when an associate does not work out?
As each new assignment gets underway, our Account Executive contacts the appropriate supervisor to make sure that the temporary associate's work performance is satisfactory.
If ALL’s WELL temporary personnel proves unsatisfactory, the temporary personnel will be replaced at no charge to CLIENT with a maximum credit of up to four (4) hours actually worked (two (2) hours for per diem shifts), provided that CLIENT indicates good cause and immediately notifies ALL’s WELL. The fulfillment by ALL’s WELL of this Replacement Guarantee will constitute CLIENT's exclusive remedies with respect to any breach of obligation, arising from the provision of temporary personnel and services by ALL’s WELL to CLIENT
How does ALL’s WELL handle requests for skill sets not held by associates in the database?
ALL’s WELL's presence in the print and radio media and our interactive web site assure a far-reaching recruitment base. Our network of offices enables our company to recruit a large number of quality individuals on a regular basis. ALL’s WELL has the resources to customize our recruiting to suit the needs of each client. No matter the skill sets required for a position, ALL’s WELL can assure clients receive the quality potential candidates they seek.
I just need somebody for a few days. Can you help me?
Absolutely. ALL’s WELL can help you with all of your temporary staffing needs. Find out more about how ALL’s WELL Temporary Placement Program can help with fast, productive help when you need it for as long as you need it.
I want to hire somebody for this position rather than using a temporary. Can you help me with that?
As your complete, full-service staffing partner, ALL’s WELL can help with all your employment needs including Direct Hire Placement. Find out more about how our Direct Hire Services to help you fill your direct hire needs.
I need to make every dollar count, and I'm not sure I can afford your service. Why should I pay you a fee?
More then ever, when cost is a consideration, you can't afford not to entrust your search to a competent staffing professional. Selecting a new-hire is one of the most challenging tasks facing any business owner or manager. The wrong choice can thoroughly effect the delicate balance in your organizations, so you can't afford to make a mistake.
Additionally, many of the costs associated with hiring a new employee can be eliminated or substantially reduced as a result of working with ALL’s WELL. Concerns such as advertising, recruiting, screening, fringe benefits, unemployment insurance and workers' compensation are eliminated or substantially reduced.
More than that though are the substantial risks that new employers, without the benefit of years of experience, take when attempting to do it on their own. You risk the potential for significant EEOC related fines, tax penalties, even employment litigation.
With so much riding on it, the aid of a good staffing partner like ALL’s WELL could be the best insurance your business ever obtains.
What if I find somebody I like better then any of the people you present to me? Will I have to hire one of your people?
You are under no obligation to hire any of the people we send to you. In fact even if you do choose to hire one of our candidates and then discover later that it isn't working out, you will be covered by our exclusive assurance program which provides you with a one time 30-day fee replacement.
Do we have to pay even if we don't like any of the candidates you present?
You are under no obligation unless you choose to hire one of our candidates. ALL’s WELL really is the no-risk way to ensure you're seeing the best people for your needs.
What if I really like somebody, but I'm just not sure they're going to work out?
ALL’s WELL provides several options which can make it easier for you go gain confidence in your hiring decision.
First, you may choose to go ahead and hire that person despite your reservations. In that event, your decision is protected by our exclusive Assurance Program which may replace the person for you at no cost or at a substantial reduction depending on when you realize they are not working out.
Alternately, you may choose to take advantage of our Temp-to-Hire program which allows you to evaluate the selected candidate in your workplace for a predetermined period before making the decision to actually bring them on board. During this period, the candidate will remain on our payroll, so there is absolutely no risk to you.
Why should I use a service like ALL’s WELL instead of just running an ad in the paper or on the Internet?
When you're ready to hire, ALL’s WELL makes it simple, fast and affordable. Just a few of the reasons companies pick ALL’s WELL: Get the Best Person for the Job Chances are, the best person for your position isn't reading newspaper ads. They made the same choice you're about to make - delegating the details of a job search to us while continuing to expend their valuable energies on building profit for their current employer. Our candidates are the best in their field; highly qualified health care professionals committed to staying with their next employer for years. Most people hired through newspaper ads stay with their employer for less than one year. Save Time ALL’s WELL saves you time by filtering your applicant pool for you. Say good-bye to pouring through piles of resumes or wasting your time in interviews with applicants who clearly do not match your needs. You can go about your real job while focusing only on candidates that have been screened, tested and referenced to meet your criteria.
What makes ALL’s WELL different from all the other employment services?
ALL’s WELL is the only service that recognizes that the candidate is every bit as much our client as the companies we serve. Because we offer the best benefits and the most services, we are able to recruit the best people. Many of the candidates who come to us were referred by other candidates who achieved the results they were looking for through ALL’s WELL. Additionally, we have a full menu of customizable options from which you may choose.
I think I would feel more comfortable working with a woman (or a man, or somebody of a particular age or ethnic background). Will you search for somebody matching those criteria.
ALL’s WELL is an equal opportunity employer, and we will not eliminate somebody from consideration for any position based upon gender, age or ethnic background.
What kind of screening processes do you do with the people you will be presenting to me?
Our healthcare professionals meet or exceed the highest competency standards and must complete a rigorous assessment process. ALL’s WELL currently provides Clinical Assessments that encompass an extensive exam library. These clinical competency assessments include OSHA and Joint Commission mandatories, nursing and allied assessments, as well as clinical skills checklists. Measuring the candidate’s skill level in their specialty is more important than ever. Each employee we place in a facility represents our organization. So, we need to ensure that the professionals you hire have the latest skills and knowledge, as well as the critical thinking capabilities required of their positions.
We are committed to continuous improvement and maintaining nationally recognized industry standards for compliance, quality and excellence in our service delivery options.
Tell me more about your background checks. What is involved in that?
Naturally, we verify employment history. Additionally, ALL’s WELL has established relationships with various investigative agencies to perform criminal background checks, social security checks, and DMV verifications on an as-needed basis for an additional small fee. ALL’s WELL has established a strategic alliance with A-Check America, Inc. who provides an entire host of drug screening and background checks. Through this relationship, we can perform whatever level of screening you require.