Flu Clinic Staffing

Every fall, millions of people across the nation stand in line to receive their flu shot since it’s still the very best way to stay protected. On-site clinics are a great way for corporations, Physicians, senior living facilities, health departments, and retailers to get involved with their communities and manage the increasing demand for flu shots.

ALL’s WELL Health Care Services provides staffing services for these on-site flu clinics to corporate, retail, and medical facility locations throughout the nation. In addition to providing staff for flu clinics nationwide, we also offer staffing services to support wellness fairs, health screenings, immunizations, and employee education programs. ALL’s WELL staffs flu clinics with highly trained ALL’s WELL nurses. Our nurses are ALL’s WELL employees, who have successfully completed a rigorous screening and skills testing process prior to being hired.

ALL’s WELL delivers personalized attention and customized solutions